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[Zeke] was PERFECT in every way. He is a wonderful dog. You, as a breeder, should be proud of his accomplishments.

Janice Lariviere

Back in May I joined the German Shepherd Dog Club of Central Massachusetts (many of the members know you and have done some breeding with you).

The first night I went to a meeting I brought Zeke with me. Ruth lets the club use her farm for the meetings and allows all the dogs into her home.

When she looked at Zeke she asked where I got him. I told her he was one of your dogs. Her dogs were barking, so naturally he was barking back and pulling a bit on his leash. She told me he couldn't come in if he couldn't behave. I assured here he would behave.

We entered a room with about 30 strangers and about 12 strange GSD's. He was as cool as a cucumber. He never flinched. Everyone brings a pot luck dish. I put Zeke in a down stay while I went to get my food. I sat at a table with some people and he never budged. After the meal I went back to him and gave him a treat.

One of the women there said that he was "almost" as good as her dog. So I asked which one was her dog and she introduced me to Max. She couldn't believe how well-behaved Zeke was in this new atmosphere and told me that she thought he would be a good therapy dog. Then she asked if I was interested in volunteering him to do some nursing home visits. I said yes so she invited me to go over to a kennel in Sterling where she worked with the therapy dogs from an organization called "TLC" Therapy Dogs "Tender Loving Companions").

After our first visit she said as far as she was concerned Zeke could start going to nursing homes immediately and she scheduled us for the next Sunday.

Zeke has done several nursing home visits over the summer, and is now certified and insured to do visits, but yesterday's visit was by far the best!

Jim, you would have been so proud of him! We visited an alzheimer's unit at Christopher House in Worcester, MA. The visit was supposed to last an hour and we were there an hour and 45 minutes. He KNEW what he had to do with the old folks and he was AMAZING. Even when one woman ran over his paw with a wheel chair, he just moved out of the way like

It was his fault his paw was under the wheel. No whining, no whimpering, he just moved and never got in front of the wheel again.

Zeke allowed one old woman after another to "walk" him up the hall and back. I held on to his collar while the ladies held his leash. I commanded him "forward", "slowly", "halt", "left", whatever was required to accomplish the "walks" and he was PERFECT in every way. He is a wonderful dog. You, as a breeder, should be proud of his accomplishments.












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